The Lazarus Centre

The Lazarus Centre program at St Peter's Eastern Hil is the primary benefactor of the Foundation. This program provides an important ministry to homeless people and the very poor of the CBD of Melbourne. It operates from the Maynard Kitchen, Hughes Room and Gisborne Street breezeway of St Peter's Church, and provides breakfast and fellowship to a large number of people seeking nourishment, company and comfort. Breakfast is the first available meal for people after a long night sleeping rough; it is an opportunity to meet with friends, social workers and healthcare professionals. Since 2013 the Foundation has also supported the program with its own Chaplaincy. Fr Philip Gill heads the Lazarus Center Chaplaincy, providing spiritual and other guidance to patrons of the program.

The Lazarus Centre breakfast program operates 7 days a week between the hours of 7:30am and 9:00am. Small food parcels and clothing are also distributed during this time. On Fridays at 11:00am the Lazarus Centre offers a BBQ lunch, in conjunction with Doutta Gala Community Health Services. During this time workers from legal, housing and health related services meet with our clients in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Recently the Foundation initiated a consultative process for the development of a Social Enterprise to provide employment opportunities for patrons of the program. This is currently in the business development stage. A steering committe formed to progress the inititaive expects a pilot program to be up and running by 2016.